I’m a writer based in Washington, D.C., interested in the worlds of immigrants and law’s influence on culture. I’m a politics reporter for The Washington Post Style section, where I write features about intriguing characters, trends, and movements in national politics.

Previously, I was a staff writer and contributing editor at Politico Magazine, where I wrote about politics and law and published the magazine’s only articles in Spanish. I have reported on the migrant caravan’s democratic ethos, the vasectomy van roving the post-Roe Midwest, and the chilly reception of George Santos on Capitol Hill. My writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, The Nation, Vox, and elsewhere. I’m an alumnus of the Periplus Collective and the Joel Gay Creative Fellowship. The Society for Features Journalism selected me for its 2024 Best Feature Writing Portfolio award.

You can find a medley of my work here.

I’m originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, but grew up in Orlando, Fla. I studied international politics at Georgetown University and also have a law degree from Georgetown. I’m fluent in Spanish and less so in French and German.



Photo: Marvin Joseph